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High quality legal services in Canadian immigration law since 1990.



We can help you achieve Canadian citizenship.

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Temporary Status

We can help you with study permits and temporary resident visas.


Appeals & Enforcement Matters

We represent clients in appeals, immigration hearings, and various enforcement matters.

Your Canadian Immigration Lawyer in Surrey

Are you or a loved one interested in moving to Canada? Mark & Company Law Corporation can help you with Canadian immigration and citizenship. We have over 30 years of experience in helping individuals move to Canada or maintain their current legal status. Based in Surrey, our immigration lawyer will help you with everything from filing paperwork to representing you in court. Our staff works hard to prepare you for the case by educating you thoroughly about the legal process. We strive to satisfy the needs of every client who hires us as counsel. Contact us and tell us about your current situation to see how we can help you or your family today.


At Mark & Company, we are committed to your immigration needs and ensure that the entire process of resettlement is stress-free. Our lawyer will discuss all the requirements and eligibility criteria with you to prepare for the process. We do not want you to get troubled with any missing documents during the process. We go step by step, ensuring that you are provided with complete knowledge about the process. When you contact us for your immigration process, be assured you will be getting the best possible service. If there is anything that has helped us climb the ladder of success in the immigration field, it is the transparency in our attitude and processes.


Our Practice Areas

The process of immigration can be complicated. It is best to hire an experienced immigration lawyer for a smooth transition. The immigration lawyer at Mark & Company is skilled, experienced, and patient to successfully navigate you through the entire process. We offer comprehensive Canadian immigration services. Whether you are looking for permanent residence in Canada, want to move to Canada to study, or join your spouse, our immigration lawyer in Surrey can help you! Our areas of practice include:


Permanent residence

  • Permanent residence status can help you get social benefits like health coverage. Moreover, it is the first step to applying for Canadian citizenship in the future. With a permanent residence status, you can live, work or study anywhere in Canada.


New citizenship

  • Applying for Canadian citizenship can be a complex process. At Mark & Company, we make the process easier for you by helping you at every step. From initial documentation to the final stage, we stay with you at every step of the journey.


Temporary status

  • If you are not a Canadian citizen and plan to study in Canada, you would need temporary status. This status is also mandatory for religious workers visiting the country, foreign workers, temporary residents, and spouses of foreign workers.


Appeals and enforcement matter

  • Your Canadian permanent residence can be revoked or you may face admissibility issues due to multiple reasons. We can help you prepare submissions regarding medical admissibility, criminal inadmissibility, detention reviews and more.

Solving immigration matters for religious workers

  • We can help religious workers with obtaining visitor records, work permits for them and their spouses, study permits for their children, permanent resident status, extending their status in Canada, and sponsoring family members to Canada.


Humanitarian and compassionate applications

  • If it is difficult for you to qualify for permanent residence, we can help you get it on humanitarian grounds. This may be applicable when you have children born in Canada or if you have lived in Canada with your family.

Reach out to us for any help with your immigration application, we will ensure you are provided with the right help. Our team will provide you with a clear picture of the entire immigration process and guide you in clearing the related complexities with minimal stress.


Why Choose Us?

With over 30 years of experience, Mark & Company offers high-quality legal services in Canadian immigration law. Dedicated to client satisfaction, we strive to develop relationships with our clients by offering a personalized approach to each case. We offer local representation if you qualify to live, immigrate, work, or study in Canada.

Immigration Law Consultations

When you call Mark & Company, you will be connected to an experienced lawyer. Our immigration lawyer in Surrey will discuss your needs and guide you with preparing for immigration. This consultation can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. We also offer in-depth consultations where clients meet with our experienced counsel (for approximately 60 to 90 minutes) to address the following:

Your present circumstances

Your goals with respect to immigration matters

How you may qualify for immigration to Canada (including work permits, study permits, and permanent residence)

The criteria of the category in which you may qualify

How the immigration process works

A strategy to meet your immigration goals

How Mark & Company can assist you further


Home Child Care Provider Pilot / Home Support Worker Pilot

With a job offer in Canada, you may qualify for a work permit and permanent residence in Canada.


Refugee Claimants Working as Health Care Workers During COVID-19

If you are a refugee claimant who has been working as a health care worker during COVID-19, you may be eligible for permanent residence to Canada.


Sponsoring Parents and Grandparents to Canada – In 2019, this program will be changed from a yearly lottery selection to processing on a first come first serve basis. The details of this program will soon be available. 

Qualifying under the Express Entry Program – An applicant MAY qualify through the Express Entry Program from outside Canada without a job offer or employment experience in Canada if:

The applicant is under 35 years of age

The applicant has a Masters Degree

The applicant has work experience AND

The applicant’s French or English skills are high

Contact Mark & Company for more details.

If you were born outside of Canada to a Canadian parent, you may be qualified to apply for a Canadian citizenship certificate. Contact Mark & Company for a free initial telephone consultation.

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Thank you for all you have done in getting this extension approved. You were the only voice of sanity for me in what was sometimes a very frustrating process. If anyone needs a Canadian immigration lawyer, I'll be sure to send them your way. ​



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