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Humanitarian & Compassionate Applications

Sometimes individuals do not easily qualify in any immigration category but have compelling circumstances that give rise to obtaining status in Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. Humanitarian and compassionate grounds are often considered where individuals have Canadian born children, where they have lived in Canada for a long time, or where individuals are not able to sponsor their parents or family members to Canada.

In preparing humanitarian and compassionate applications, Mark & Company Law Corporation will:

Assess the circumstances surrounding your case and determine whether this is a suitable option for you

Direct you with respect to the supporting documentation and information required for your application

Prepare a detailed submission on the circumstances of your situation

Prepare all immigration forms required

Submit the application to the appropriate immigration office

Act as the mailing address throughout the immigration process

Prepare all correspondence required throughout the processing of the application

If required, prepare you for interviews with Canadian immigration officers

Provide on-going legal advice throughout the processing of the application

If you need assistance with your application, contact us today. Your initial consultation with Linda Mark LLB is free.

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