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Sponsoring Family Members to Canada

Canada allows permanent residents and citizens of Canada to sponsor the following family members to Canada:

Spouse or common-law partners, including same-sex relationships

Dependent children

Parents and grandparents

Adopted children

Selected other categories of individuals

Mark & Company Law Corporation can assist you in sponsoring family members under the Family Class or Spouse In Canada Class categories. In preparing applications, Mark & Company Law Corporation will:

Assess the circumstances surrounding your case and plan a suitable immigration strategy

Direct you with respect to the supporting documentation and information required for your application

Prepare all immigration forms required

Submit the application to the appropriate immigration office

Act as the mailing address throughout the immigration process

Prepare all correspondence required throughout the processing of the application

If required, prepare you for interviews with Canadian immigration officers

Provide on-going legal advice throughout the processing of the application

Do-It-Yourself Applications

Some individuals may wish to prepare their own applications but would like assistance from experienced legal counsel. Mark & Company Law Corporation can:

Meet with you to assess your circumstances and determine how to proceed with your application

Determine which type of sponsorship application is most suitable for you

Provide advice on where to find the instruction guides for various types of applications and other information on the Canadian Immigration website

Review forms and instruction guides to ensure clarity

Provide you with a document list specific to your circumstances

Provide you with guidance on how to prepare your own application

Review your prepared documents to ensure they are complete

Provide you with legal assistance (if required) as you prepare your application and as it progresses after filing

Get a better idea of your situation and call Mark & Company today. Your first telephone call with Linda Mark LLB is free.

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