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Moving to a new country is enthralling, especially to Canada- a country beaming with opportunities. Canadian immigration can help you give your family a beautiful life. But not applying for Canadian citizenship can limit your progress as many benefits are available for people with citizenship. Mark & Company …Law…Corporation can help you with Canadian citizenship so that you have access to restricted jobs, the right to vote and the ability to travel with a Canadian passport.


Applying for Canadian citizenship can be a little cumbersome,  …especially if you are new in a country. Mark & Company Law Corporation makes the whole process simple by helping you at every step in applying for Canadian citizenship. We …are…locate..d in Surrey and have helped many …clients… in Metro Vancouver. Contact us for any Canadian immigration and citizenship questions.


To apply for Canadian citizenship, you must fulfil the following criteria:


  • You must be 18 years of age. If you are below 18, your parent or legal guardian should be a Canadian citizen or apply for citizenship.

  • You must show your basic skills in …of Canada's two official languages - English or French. This is not required for applicants 55 and over….or applicants under 18….

  • You must show knowledge of Canada….by passing a citizenship test…. This is not required for applicants 55 and over….or applicants under 18…

  • You must be a permanent resident of Canada.

  • You must have ….been physically present in Canada…. for at least 1,095 days during five years before applying for citizenship. 

  • You …….need to have filed your taxes in 3 of the past 5 years….. 

  • …You will have to take the oath of citizenship…

If one or both of your adoptive parents has Canadian citizenship, you …may be…eligible for a direct grant of citizenship…..without having to be a permanent resident…


You can apply for your Canadian citizenship online or on paper. Get in touch with Mark & Company Law Corporation in Surrey to start the application process.


You will be invited to the citizenship oath ceremony after ….passing …your test. The ceremony is the final step of becoming a Canadian citizen. If you are an adult or 14 years of age, you are required to attend the ceremony and take the oath.


…F..ollowing are some questions about Canadian immigration and citizenship in Surrey:


What Is The Language Requirement for Acquiring Citizenship?

All those applying for citizenship between the ages of …18..-64 have to supply proof of knowledge of one of Canada’s official languages. This has to be ….provided…on the date of the submission of the application. The minimum language abilities include the capacity to:


  • Carry out …short…routine conversations

  • Comprehend simple instructions…and questions…

  • Use…basic… grammar

  • …Show…basic vocabulary for routine oral communication

  • Any one of the following can be used as evidence:

  • Results of an IRCC-approved language test

  • Diploma or transcripts showing secondary or post-secondary education in English or French

  • Results from a government-funded language course showing CLB 4 or NCLC 4 or higher


Do I Require a Lawyer?

Absolutely. The process of applying for citizenship …can be…complex. With the support of a seasoned immigration lawyer, you can avoid mistakes that can ….could…cost you..r citizenship. Lawyers can also make complexities easier for you to understand and make the process smoother. 

How Much Will Your Services Cost?

…The cost of a citizenship application will depend on what you need. Before proceeding, however, a quotation of costs, inlcuding filing fees, willl be provided to you…… We seek to improve access to quality legal assistance with our services. 


Do you have any more questions? Please send them to us, and we will get back to you.



If you are considering applying for Canadian immigration and citizenship, reach out to Mark & Company Corporation in Surrey.


We have helped many clients in ..the.. Surrey and Metro Vancouver area…s. Our lawyer and staff will make your process easier. 

We also provide the services for permanent residency, study permit…s and more.

See the FAQ page to learn about us. 



We will help you understand the process …to… apply for Canadian immigration and citizenship.

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