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Appeals & Enforcement Matters (Being Required to Leave Canada/Deportation)

Sometimes individuals encounter problems, which may give rise to their admissibility or removal from Canada. Mark & Company can provide assistance in:

  • Appeals and Judicial Reviews
    • Preparing and attending immigration appeal division hearings (appeals) to the Immigration Appeal Division
    • Filing Judicial Review applications (appeals) to the Federal Court
  • Criminal admissibility
    • Assessing criminal admissibility to Canada
    • Preparing submissions regarding criminal inadmissibility issues
    • Preparing and attending admissibility hearings
  • Medical admissibility
    • Preparing submissions regarding medical admissibility issues
  • Enforcement matters
    • Negotiating with Immigration (CBSA) officials
    • Representing clients at immigration interviews
    • Preparing and attending detention reviews
    • Preparing applications for pre-removal risk assessments
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